Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23 Bunker Index - Manna Falls

On the heels of yesterday's dust storms, it's really cold here today. I'm struggling to type it's so cold in the cabin. I've got to bump the old woodstove project up on the priority list. I'm sure winter has a few more cold spells to deliver to us.

In my brief chores this morning before I came inside to do the BI, I was pondering just how God delivers our needs to us. He knows them well and will sustain His people through hardship. I suppose the problem is that we don't often recognize those blessings and squander them foolishly on other things. The forecast calls for rain in a few days, which I suppose is what has my mind dwelling on this.

Is a blessing in your life about to come due? Have you thought about the best way to put it to use as a steward of God?

1. 953 dead people allegedly voted in the SC election. What an amazing amount of fraud for such an unimportant political event.

2. The owners of the cruise ship which met its disastrous end at the hands of a cowardly captain in Italy have offered survivors a 30% discount on all future cruises. This just amused me to no end to read. It has no real survival value other than a reminder of how little the corporations care for you.

3. Across the south, tornado season starts early tonight. This reminds me that I have not, as yet, dug out a root cellar! My neighbor has offered the use of his backhoe when the occasion arises.

4. Meth makers are catching themselves on fire at an increased rate. While I can exhibit a slight amount of sympathy for someone who has become addicted to meth, I cannot summon up any for the creators of this horrible substance.

5. In this NYT article you can get a glimpse of why high tech manufacturers are never bringing their jobs back to the United States.

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Bluesgal said...

Re #5 - It's a very good point. Even without the cost of labor ... the logistics of manufacturing are not efficient in the US anymore. The cost of a part becomes more expensive with shipping. Corning is correct, it is better for them to produce the product nearer to it's delivery point, less breakage and shipping expense.

No easy quick fix either...