Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31 Bunker Index - Deep Wells

Listening to the radio this mornin as I was putting around at dawn, a news report was talking about how many small communities around Lake Travis (near Austin) are having to truck water in. The drought and the fall of the aquifer has left those people without any water at all. Right now the state is absorbing the cost, but it's doubtful they will do so forever. Those people are now in a very real SHTF situation.

As for myself, I'm due another heavy rain at the end of the week, which may cause me to put the roofwater collection system on the fast track ahead of the solar panels. I think I'm going to hustle over to town right now and pick up the pipe to do so. Can't miss this rain though if it's more than 2 inches it will overflow the small tank I have now. An abundance of wealth making giant puddles outside my backdoor.

We must prepare for our future and preserve what blessings the Lord bestows upon us. We are stewards here, owning nothing and only using what we need in order to do His work. Those are easy words to say but harder yet when we must deny ourselves creature comforts such as a flush toilet or a hot bath.

1. New Jersey is set to pass a bill banning handgun ammunition. How are they going to deal with folks like myself who practice "cowboy logistics"?

2. A nuclear power plant in Byron, Illinois lost power and began emergency venting of steam. The steam contains only low levels of tritium (a radioactive element) and officials are saying that everything is under control. We've heard that before.

3. A new translation of the bible, produced by reputable Christian groups no less, has recently removed all of the words "father" and "son" and "son of God" from that version of the New Testament. The terms are considered offensive to Muslims. All references to Christ's divinity have been removed. Mainstream Christianity is weak, if not dead. Am I to be considered a Christian extremist because I still believe Jesus Christ was the son of God?

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