Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5 Bunker Index - Late Again!

What a day! I drove in from El Paso last night and this morning. The desert is beautiful at sunrise but my home is more beautiful. Even though it's still looking like a big plywood box.

I took some pictures earlier and I'll get them up and posted either tonight or tomorrow morning. I know y'all have been clamoring to know how we managed some of the solutions. Most things around here are being done only semi-competently and inelegantly, but they're being done. We're slowly bringing things together, Lord willing.

Everywhere I've been deficient I've found that God has sent the help I needed. Sometimes in the form of a mentor, or a book, or even just common-sense intuition, but everything has been provided. With more time and labor we will master this new environment and it shall be a proper homestead!

1. Liberal bloggers are cheering on the "new Obama" who so blatantly circumvented Congress with his recent recess appointments. Meanwhile conservative bloggers and radio show hosts are decrying the establishment of a new "monarch". Could we be any more polarized at this point?

2. DHS officers allegedly set up an ID checkpoint in a Florida social security office. It's difficult to wade through the infowars hyperbole to figure out what really happened, but it sounds ominous.

3. A recent Ohio earthquake was not a natural event, some experts claim. It's related to fracking or some other oil and gas activity. With all of the oil and gas activity in my area, that's a scary prospect.

4. The New York governor proposed that mandatory DNA samples be taken from everyone convicted of any offense. The continual expansion of the state.


OD from HT said...

#3 We don't live far from there....what we are hearing is that this is the 3rd or 4th earthquake in that immediate "neighborhood" in the past few months. Lots of people around here are begging that the drilling stop while the connection is looked into.

For those of you with local government looking into fracking...push them hard to do their homework. We've been blessed that our local government looked into it deep and hard and decided that it's not OK for our town....the local township also came to the same conclusion. So our 15 mile radius is "safe" for now, not that the 100 mile around us won't effect us. We'll have to see what our county decides.

Dyson said...

Boy living off grid and and under the radar is looking better each day...