Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6 Bunker Index - Feeling the New Year

I got up early this morning and started on the BI and then the generator ran out of gas. Luckily I still had one of my two cans full so I was able to fix that, but again it highlights our situation until I get solar up and operational. Harbor Freight in Abilene supposedly has solar kits we could use but I haven't investigated further yet.

The world continues to descend outside our small homestead. The BI gets more and more unpleasant to read every day. How much longer do you think our society can continue? Does anyone still believe that any of these Republican candidates would be capable of turning things around?

Get you and your family to a safe place and brace for impact. Small and precious lives depend upon you.

1. In Egypt, the new Muslim government has pledged to institute a Sharia based constitution in which Christians will be forever banned from the presidency. Just wait until Muslims become the majority demographic here in the United States.

2. Obama's new summer jobs plan has been unveiled ... 180,000 liberal youth around the nation costing taxpayers $1.5 billion. What exactly will they be doing? That's the ominous part. We don't know.

3. Western civilization continues to self-destruct. A woman in Germany is now going to lose her unemployment benefits because she won't accept a job in a brothel.

4. Police shot and killed an armed 8th grader in Texas.

5. From Planned Parenthood's annual report: They received $487.4 million in taxpayer funds and performed murdered 329,445 children. Hang your head in shame, America. God's judgement will fall upon us all for this.


Bluesgal said...

#1 - Hasn't our "esteemed leader" (cough cough, sputter) already come out in support and recognition of the Egyptian leadership?

#4 - I'm of two minds on this one.. there has to be more that we haven't heard yet. First off, one wonders why the police shot to kill as opposed to shooting to disable. Then I realize they only shoot to kill these days...

Then I ask myself if it was me facing a 15 year old with what he had, I'd also think it was a gun and defend myself. Afterall it wouldn't be the first time a 15 year old shot or tried to shoot someone..

What I don't see mentioned is something that was all over the news last night... the new "foriegn policy that will allow the US military to be decreased to almost half of it's size".. WHAT? Granted there is alot of waste over there but.. my tinfoil hat is sending me Danger Will Robinson signals.... Are they reducing the size to eliminate the leadership that is mostly against thier agenda? Gutting the ground troops to replace them with forces sympathetic to thier cause? I'm all for bringing the troops home but gutting the miliatry in this fashion just doesn't sit right.

If it's a "cost cutting move" I can name a dozen federal agencies that should be "halved" (eliminated really) first..

Thoughts on that issue anyone? Have I gone off of the deep end? time to recalibrate the tinfoil hat?

smallhomestead said...

Let's see there are about a dozen agency's that could be closed. Education Dhs IRS just to name a few

Space Cowboy said...

Please don't use Harbor Freight! It's all China junk that will self destruct. Outback for electronics, Royce or Trojan for batteries. Panels are more difficult. Drop me a line and I'll point you in some directions.
Space Cowboy

Ernest said...

Oh, I thought Harbor Freight would have some of the Outback stuff. I've been dealing a little with a distributor called "Backwoods Solar". Are you familiar with them?

My biggest problem is that I can't actually touch and feel the components so I'm worried I'll spend $5k and have mismatched components.

OD from HT said...

#3 That just leaves me speechless with a sick feeling in my stomach!!

InvalidID said...

Talk to Machinist before you spend any money on solar set ups. He has his set up going already and seems to have a pretty good handle on it.

Dyson said...

And when you find the good stuff don't be shy about your sources... I'll be needing some solar stuff too...