Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whew - What a Weekend

Things are coming together well. A bathroom has been carved out and we put part of the wall up there. The furniture is in the cabin (some of it) and we're spending a lot of time there during the days but having to go back to the RV at night due to lack of heat. My brother-in-law is coming out next week and I'll get his help installing our wood stove. It's too heavy to move for just one man. It will put a serious crimp in our work effort if I herniate myself.

Some more windows are to be carved out tomorrow and I should be getting the rest of the walls and such upstairs taken care of. I could really use a full week to work on this stuff instead of just 2-3 days on the weekends.

Today the wind kicked up and a dust storm obscured almost everything outside in a deep haze. Made for a rough day outside but a beautiful sunset.

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