Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14 Bunker Index - Be My Valentine

My wife and I don't do Hallmark holidays. No mother's day, father's day, or Valentine's day. It's ridiculous. However, I do like to buy everyone a chocolate bar on these special occasions. That's a simple little festival around here. Everyone can sit down and eat their chocolate bar together and share a moment. The family that can make a party out of $5 worth of chocolate bars is ready to weather just about any storm.

1. The Muslim Brotherhood warns America ... give us money or we'll attack Israel.

2. In the Strait of Hormuz, a standoff is underway with Iranian boats and drones shadowing the US aircraft carrier. We are getting closer and closer to war.

3. $5 gas is just around the corner this summer. Are you ready? The unemployed have something to look forward to ... at least they won't have to pay a fortune to get to work.

4. A new poll shows 44% of Catholics strongly disapprove of Obama's performance. Why would Christians have voted for Obama in the first place, knowing his platform and beliefs?

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