Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15 Bunker Index - Hungrytime

Should you decide to go off-grid there is a phenomenon I would like to tell you about. I initially thought it was just my own family's experience but after talking to a number of others who have went off-grid I learned it is quite common.

Your reliance on the world will actually increase for a short time as you transition.

It seems counterintuitive doesn't it? As I consider it, however, it makes more sense. Few people will go from a happy, carefree life in the suburbs to an off-grid lifestyle. There is usually a process. First you see the cracks in the facade, then you begin to prep, and then you begin to become more self-reliant through gardening, livestock, etc. If you decide to then turn an on-grid home into an off-grid one (difficult to do) then it's a pretty simple transition. But if like us you decide to move to a more sustainable location, you are faced with what will feel like a big step backwards.

We go to the nearby grocery store at least once per day. Usually in the morning to get a cup of coffee and something to eat for breakfast, and then later in the evening for dinner. We simply do not have the storage space yet for more than one meal for a family of seven. Our new gardens are not yet producing, and it's the middle of winter still so our chickens are only half-serious about laying (we get about 4-6 eggs per day ... enough for 2-3 people for breakfast).

It also seems like half of the tools I need have been either lost in the move or are buried in storage, so I find myself repeatedly running to Home Depot or some other big-box store to grab something. Nothing is handy and nothing is yet organized.

But take heart! It does improve. Over the first year, so I'm told, things begin to come together. Indeed, even in my own household at the 2 month mark we've begin to adapt and figure out ways to be more efficient. I suspect by mid-spring we will be doing quite well and have a thriving homestead up and going. So long as the Lord continues to bless our efforts!

Oh, by the way, the world is supposed to end sometime this morning. Something called a "Carrington Event" is going to fry all of our electronics and then we'll all die, so if I don't see you guys later and you suddenly find that there are cannibal biker gangs roaming the streets then you'll know what happened.

1. In New York, the policy of stopping and frisking people who the police feel "look suspicious" has risen to an all-time high.

2. State inspectors rejected a lunch a schoolchild brought from home. When did they gain this authority? More and more parents are finding that their authority over their child effectively ends when they child walks through the school doors.

3. A man was thrown in jail because he didn't have a license for his dog. Good luck avoiding the police state.

4. A sheriff's deputy shoots a Marine who was getting into his own car and about to drive away with his own two teenage daughters. Deputy claims he was protecting the girls because the man was acting erratic. Clearly there is more to the story, but the situation explained sounds like the deputies surrounded him and then when he didn't immediately acknowledge the police authority, they shot him.


OD from HT said...

Your comments are very interesting this morning. It never crossed my mind that going off-grid would make you more dependent, for even a short time, on the world around you. It sure makes sense, though. Maybe DH's idea of putting a shipping container on a piece of property before building is a good idea after all..... place for organized storage.

Thought I better let you know quickly that you enlighten me yet again, before all my electronics are fried...hope you picked up dinner when you got your cup of coffee this morning,lol.

Bluesgal said...

#4 sounds like what is going on in Scottsdale, AZ. 2 weeks ago a man who was drunk came out of a house with a pool cue. So there is the drunk facing four officers and a police dog with a pool cue. the handler releases the dog... and what do you know.. one of the officers shoots and kills the drunk AND hits and almost kills the dog. My question is this... FOUR yep 4 officers and they fear for their lives from a guy with a pool cue???

Last night a mna in his 50's with a history of "fueding" with his neighbors. Neighbors call the cops and say the guy threatened them with a gun. Cops go to the house and the man opens the door, steps onto HIS porch with his 1 1/2 year old in his arms... again 4-6 officers facing the man in his 50's standing on his porch holding his young grandchild in his arms... Claiming an officer "feared for his life" they shoot an kill the unarmed guy on his porch with his grandkid in his arms. WOW just WOW.... they "fear" for their life??? Really??? 6 to 1 odds and they fear for their life?? If they can't handle that situation, they shouldn't be officers... Shameful and criminal..

In the Phoenix metro area there have been 16 officer involved shootings since January 1, 2012. 10 are dead... don't think they'll be getting their day in court..

Ernest said...

There's a guy nearby who is raising his family IN one of those shipping containers. They hauled it out to the property and cut out some windows and a hole for the stovepipe and they're quite happily living in there like bears in a den while they save up money to build their more permanent home.

It seems as if almost every encounter with the police these days can end up in your death. If you don't move fast enough, or if the officers think they are in even the slightest bit of danger, they'll kill you.

Patrice said...

A solution to your refridgeration needs might be as easy as looking into the coolers that hold well for 5 days. I have 2 of them, can't remember the brand name, but they are silver, I picked them up at Target a few years ago.They actually will keep things cold for 5 days. They would probably work even better if you put them in the cabin and out of the sunlight. Just a suggestion to lessen your need to hit the store every day. ;)

Dyson said...

Looking forward to more DETAILS of your setup...

Remember your failures/problems will save another, don't be skimpy...

HermitJim said...

I really appreciate you allowing us to learn from your experiences!

Many of us don't go as far as we should in considering all the future problems that might come up after a move. Guess you could say you are teaching us.

Thanks again for sharing!