Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16 Bunker Index - Being Content

We are all going to have to learn how to be content with less. This is a saying that gets thrown out a lot, but how true it is. Think of your favorite foods ... are they things like pineapples or bananas which only grow in the tropical regions? Will there not come a season where you have tasted them for the last time?

This world is imperfect. You're always too hot or too cold, too hungry, or too tired. The next world is better and within the fullness of God's plan you may get to enjoy it. We must nurture contentment in our circumstances because it does not come naturally. Discontent is the natural state of man. Look at all of the wealthy rockstars and celebrities. Even with the best surroundings that money can buy, their lives speak of discontent and often end tragically in the same types of circumstances that the worst homeless heroin addict might endure. Discontent is always present in the absence of the Lord.

1. A truck with explosives in it was found near the Kansas statehouse. The truck had specialty plates issued to U.S. paratroopers and two men were arrested. Not much useful information in this article. I'm waiting to see if the media picks this up as one of those "right wing terrorist militia" types they love so much.

2. Radiation spikes have been seen in Tokyo. Bad news for the Japanese!

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