Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17 Bunker Index - Entropy Finds Us

Seems like a lot of things are breaking this week. The sink in the RV is broken and won't turn off properly and our generator won't start. We have a 1500 watt inverter but there are a couple of things that it won't run (such as some tools in my workshop and my wife's laser printer). It's just one that's meant for automobiles as a temp solution until I can get a proper one, but it does 99% of the trick already. It's longevity is what is in question.

These are all little annoyances which add up over time. It's wet and cold here too, which isn't helping my mood this Friday morning. I haven't yet had any coffee and it's 9am!

Still, there are many enjoyable experiences to be had and most of the bad is simply my mood and our lack of adjustment to certain aspects of this new life. The woodstove is burning along nicely but it doesn't seem to heat up the far end of the cabin very well. Poor placement on it, I think. We would have been better served with one of those little round stoves right smack in the middle of the cabin, but that seemed a major hazard with little children playing about.

Ah well. Life continues. We go into another weekend, and a long one at that. Monday is President's Day where we celebrate men whose ideals and beliefs we've long since murdered. I wonder how long we'll continue to celebrate "heroes" of whom we don't teach our children. We've already forgotten the small men who brought those "big" men into power.

1. Federal agents have a shoot out ... with each other.  Do you think the deceased will be tested for steroids, and if so, will the results be released to the public?

2. Longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression.  Does that mean this is the new Great Depression, only nobody will admit it?

3. In a destroyed and bankrupt city, Chicago schoolteachers are demanding a 30% payraise. Do they not already have some of the most lucrative pensions in all of the nation? More draining of the public coffers.

4. The real reason the American government desires Syria?  Got to keep the war machine running. If resources don't get back to Rome, there's no amount of bread and circuses that will keep the illusion intact.


suvalley said...

A few suggestions as to living with wood stove for primary heat. Unfortunately it takes electricity, but file this away just the same:

One way to induce a convection in another area of the home, is to place a fan at the doorway, pointing back towards the stove/air intake. This draws colder air from the floor and pushes it toward the stove-allowing warmer air at the ceiling to flow in.

The second way, and not as efficient, is to hang a small fan near the ceiling and point it towards the colder area.

You'd think they were the same thing, but they're not, not in practice. Putting a fan on the floor made a 6 degree difference on one side of my own house, but only two degrees hanging a fan up high.

When you can spare the electricity, give it a try. Your other options are to build in vents to encourage the convection between the walls.

HermitJim said...

I'm sure that over time you'll get all the little details worked out!

The things that seem so big now, will be only annoyances in your memory later! Things will get better, I'll bet!

Peace on ya, my friend!