Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20 Bunker Index - Hold On to Your Hats

Boy, it's windy today! I guess between the sun that's come out and this west wind out of the desert it'll dry up the standing water pretty quickly. I'm glad for it. Today's challenges are getting a roof on the workshop and the other wall up. The tarp solution just didn't work out at all. Everything in there is soaked. I'm also having to replace my heavy watt belt sander with a much smaller palm sander. It'll still work just as well, I hope, and I don't need miles of surface area to sand. Just a knife handle. I simply don't want to run the generator every time I need to finish up a knife handle.

This is my "fix it" week. My truck has some sort of short in the electrical system that's preventing all of the lights from coming on, including brake lights. The Texas Department of Public Safety has informed me via a written warning that they frown on my hillbilly mobile running about the highways without brake lights, even though I promised to only drive in the daytime and both me and the trooper agreed that anyone who rearends a vehicle in broad daylight, brake lights or not, is a complete idiot. So I'll go improve the local economy some via automotive repair. I usually get good service at the mechanic places. They take one look at my truck and know that I'm likely to be a regular customer.

1. Looks like OPEC (the surviving members we haven't killed) is tightening the screws.  Even our old friend and ally (when they aren't sending terrorists to crash planes into our buildings) Saudi Arabia is cutting its output.

2. Bahahaha! Army soldiers are wearing "fake breasts and empathy bellies" in a new 3 day class so that they can better relate to pregnant mothers. Once photos of this leak to the enemy, it should inspire them to a new level of fear and terror.

3. Experts are warning about the rise of new "impossible to treat" bacterial diseases and infections.  I guess God is going to show the world that He's still sovereign over our medical system.

4. In South Carolina, the police state grows. Nothing like watching these Southern states capitulate. Since my return to Texas, I have found the south to be a little too much "law and order" for my taste.

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