Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21 Bunker Index - Pleasant Mornings

Man, it's cold in the cabin today! Yesterday warmed up to about 70 degrees outside and it was nice and pleasant but last night plummeted down to the high thirties. The fire went out around 3am and I got up and put some more wood in and then we slept in again until 8am when cold once more drove me from my bed. Normally I get up around 6-7am and begin my day, but lately I've been having a bit of a sleep in. I figure I might as well. It's dark outside until about 7-7:30 and really too cold to be very comfortable out there. Also there's nothing that seems to need doing so badly that it forces me out of bed in the wee hours. At least for now. That will change.

Sam the dog barks sometimes in the night and I'll lay awake for awhile listening to see if it's a car or if I hear any sounds (other than him) outside. So far nothing but I often find deer tracks down by the creek on the next morning.

The mud is drying out. It's less a struggle to keep your boots on now and more just a nuisance. It appears about half an acre of topsoil has migrated inside of the cabin though so now that it's warm and dry I think we need a thorough cleaning.

Life is pretty leisurely right now. My temporary workshop is now complete and relatively dry, if a little hodgepodge. Mostly I used "make do" lumber which was the scraps and ends we had laying around. My desire for uniformity is at odds sometimes with my desire to not go buy any more wood.

Walking by faith, with Jesus guiding your steps, is not always comfortable, but ease and comfort is replaced by a deep sense of satisfaction in your soul.

1. Iran threatens preemptive actions against ... everybody.  War will be upon us soon. I do not know if this will be another "bloodless" war where Americans hurl death from the skies and send the sons and daughters of the rural poor to die in a foreign land. It may very well be the spark that ignites the tinder of the world and brings the war to our own shores.

2. England has sent a warning to Britons living in Greece that they should get out before the country implodes in riots and violence as more austerity measures appear to be about to be voted in.  Do you wonder who in our own future will hold the purse strings and demand "austerity" from the American people?

3. Police recently shot and killed a 54 year old woman who was also a Sunday School teacher. Apparently her crime was that she didn't stop fast enough when the jackboots ordered her. "Failure to show proper deference to a cop" is now grounds for murder. Witness accounts don't line up with the official police story but the authorities are standing their ground in not doing anything about this murder. This will be something to watch unfold. The murder of an Iraqi war vet by police has become commonplace. Let's see them try to explain about what a dangerous threat elderly Sunday School teachers are.

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HermitJim said...

More and more the LEOs seem to be very quick on the trigger!

They do what they want, sort of like the govt.

No reason for some of their actions, and they don't seem to answer to anyone!