Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3 Bunker Index - Here Comes the Rain

Thich black clouds have gathered overhead this morning and it looks like it's going to be a gully-washer, which we need. The rain collection system is not complete, so I'm going to miss this one. Ah well. I have plenty of inside-the-cabin work to do today, as well as some business things to catch up on. I planted a bunch of turnip seeds yesterday so a good watering in is exactly what they need.

I am the only person in my family who likes turnips. Everyone else despises them. They love turnip greens though and it seems that may be the only purpose to our growing turnips. I can't hardly justify devoting precious garden space to a vegetable nobody likes and whose nutrition is easily replaced by other things.

Not a lot of "bad" news items out there today. Just the usual rumblings. For a Friday, that's not too bad. Maybe we're going into a pretty good weekend.

1. Labor force participation drops to a 30 year low ... down by 1.2 million. Even worse, statistics seem to indicate as the new tax season rolls around that a sizable portion of those who are still technically "employed" have traded high-paying jobs with very low paying ones, such as Walmart door greeter.

2. A Minnesota school shuts down inappropriate playground game called "rape tag". The game was apparently like the game you and I played as a child, except to "unfreeze" people you had to touch them inappropriately. Our culture has been degraded beyond repair.

3. A Christian convert in Iran received a 2 year jail sentence for the crime. This will be a hellish experience for her as Christian women have reported being reportedly raped and abused by guards as a method of systematic torture. It is important that Christians in a "free" country such as ours remember what Islam is and what it descends to when they have the majority.

4. Facebook found to be as addicting as cigarettes. You should definitely Facebook this.


Blue Duck said...

i was reading a thread the other day by our old friend Fore runner about it being time to start yer slips for sweet taters..... and while this year here in Idaho may be that one in 50 or so where we could plant in February its still to cold to think about much other than gitting ready here with more than just drawings and layout plans. though i know it takes time to git the slips from eyes to roots, it takes timing to git ready without going over...... maybe this is the year for that too!

one day at a time my friend on gitting things into place, better to make it right than have to repair something hastily tossed up cause you might miss a rain..... "what will be will be" is a saying my friend in the land down under keeps telling me..... so dont sweat the petty stuff and dont pet the.......

have a Great weekend and a blessed one at that.


Aine said...

Ernie, I am the only on in my family that likes Turnips AT all! My kids don't even like the greens, still I plant a few.

I have been following your blog for some time now, I am happy to see everything is falling into place for you and yours. You are doing what many of us lack the courage or funds to do.

(trixters_muse on HT)