Thursday, February 2, 2012

Februay 2 Bunker Index - Cold and Gloomy

Well, I guess I'm through with fiddling with the solar for a few days. A cold front moved in last night. It's a clammy 50 degrees here today and overcast. I swear it's colder in the cabin than it is outside. Today's goal is to figure out how this stovepipe goes up through the floor and then how to get it out through the steel roof. Not a pleasant exercise in the least. It may rain later this afternoon, so I'm not sure how much of this we get done. Still, at this point, most of the needful things are complete and now we're just polishing. Bit by bit things are coming together.

The other night while we were outside looking at the stars, my oldest son asked how long we'd been here. We had to figure it out because both of us had forgotten. It's been about 6 weeks but it seems like a lot longer. My son said, "In Illinois each day was roughly the same. Here the days are full and rich."

I thought about that awhile. Can we ask for more in a day than to be full and rich? I'm tired each day at the end, but it's a good tired. Even on the days when I don't feel I accomplished much I did a lot of smaller things. Most of our needs have been provided and now we're working the kinks out of the systems, as opposed to figuring out how to do them.

It's a blessed life. God is clearly guiding and directing our footsteps. Even as events unfold elsewhere, we seem to be untouched. Hopefully by spring the desert will bloom.

1. Director James Cameron is bugging out. As the wealthy elites get out of Dodge, are you prepared to do the same?

2. A missionary couple was murdered in Mexico. Supposedly this was done by the drug cartels but it may have been the work of more mundane criminals. Who can say? The world is a dangerous place, but blessed are those who labor in the fields of the Lord.

3. Taco Bell is poisoning people again with a salmonella outbreak. I do like my Taco Bell. This is bad news.

4. A new medical paper released details a new super-bacteria that devours human flesh and is spread by sneezing.  Yuck. Hopefully I won't be going anywhere that I might get sneezed on.

5. Internet addiction growing among youth. I blame Farmville.

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Xa Lynn said...

I had a full and rich day today - because we had a warm front come through and it got up to 50 degrees in the hoop house! LOL!

Xa Lynn