Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7 Bunker Index - Ignoring the Naysayers

You've received your marching orders. You're following God's plan. Why would you listen to those naysayers who sit by the side of the road and tell you that you can't accomplish your goals? There will always be people who try and mock you for your beliefs. Don't let them stop you.

Despite a gloomy start to the morning, the sun has come out and we're generating power. Over the past few days the weather has been rather dismal and the cloud cover has kept us from being able to utilize the solar to any real degree. Today might just be the first day in a week where I won't have to start the generator to top off the batteries.

I have a couple of goals for today, primarily to finish the woodstove pipe and to get my workshop covered and the bench set up for work. I have a shipment of blades arriving today or tomorrow and I'd like to get to work on them right away.

All is well on the farm. Not so well out in the world though there's still a shortage of good news items. I consider this the calm before the storm.

1. The FBI warns that "sovereign citizens" are a threat. Of course they are. Anyone who doesn't immediately capitulate to every whim and demand by the jackbooted thugs is to be considered a threat.

2. The archbishop of the military chaplains takes a stand against Obamacare. Think the FBI will have him arrested as a terrorist?

3. According to Infowars (grain of salt), a new bill has been passed by the senate which would allow airports to hire private security screeners instead of being forced to use TSA goons. This is a pretty big blow to DHS and may completely marginalize them.

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