Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8 Bunker Index - Getting Along to Get Along

It's easy to be popular and well-liked. Just make sure you never speak truth or say anything of importance. You'll be very popular.

But is that what is important? As a Christian, do you not have a responsibility to speak to the truth? I don't know ... I think those things are important but there are just as many bible verses telling me not to cast pearls before swine.

I do know that I'm unwilling to simply stand on a street corner and rant to those with seared consciences and hardened hearts. They love the world more than they will ever love truth and they get very angry when their consciences are pricked.

When God destroys this society, He will do so by tearing down each of the false idols we have built. We will see our government fail, our dollar fall, our ease and comfort stripped from us, and our military exposed for the evil construct it has become. Our punishment will be so great that for the next twenty generations of man they will shudder when they think of it.

There may be nothing that we can do to avoid this punishment ourselves. Even abject obedience before the Lord may now be too late. We may all die as martyrs as the evil trashes about in its death throes. Yet would you still not choose the path of obedience? Is it not STILL the greater path?

1. GOP lawmakers protest removal of "God" from an Air Force insignia patch. Why should they protest this? Is it God's Air Force? Are those God's bombs they drop? It's the government's military ... let them no longer cloak themselves in pretend.

2. Vigilante justice is on the rise in Detroit. Notice you have to hear about these things from overseas news. Our own corrupt media won't print it.

3. A college is going to offer the abortion pill via vending machine on its campus. Oh, come Lord Jesus, come.

4. 23% more Americans are dependent upon the government now, thanks to Obama. Though I really don't know what Obama had to do with this. The fault lies with every American who lines up with his hand out.

5. Iran mobilizes troops to protect Syria. It looks like this is shaping up to be a big deal.

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