Wednesday, February 8, 2012


(2Ti 2:23) Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.

Does politics fall under the category of a foolish, ignorant controversy? Do I do wrong to dwell on this to the degree that I do? I believe that the murder of the unborn, or the innocent, or the wholesale destruction of countries in a war of ideology are matters of importance, but are they worth quarreling over? And can any discussion of them be had without it leading to a quarrel?

I am reflecting on this now in light of what has happened on one of the forums I participate in. Pointing out that an idol has clay feet is never going to be popular to people who worship that idol, and particularly when they don't believe they are worshipping it.

So many people have fallen away. When I spoke only of survivalism and related matters, I had many more people paying attention. Then when I included politics, many fell away as their politics differed. Now that I speak of religion and an unjust and evil society, many more fall away.

This is a road we are on and we must either follow it to its end or find a comfortable place to stop and wait for death to overtake us. I am a seeker, the same as you, and sometimes I will poke my nose down rabbit trails I have no business on, but the road goes on and sooner or later we must get back to it.

If hearing of Christianity disturbs you, then this is a good place to part ways. If you wish to only hear the usual platitudes about how great, just, and godly America is then you're probably not going to want to come along with me any further. If you are very fond of your idols and wish to cling to them then I wish you the best of luck and I must leave you behind.

The rest of you ... pick up your pack. We must be going.


Janice said...

Ernie, I am enjoying your blog more and more. I love the thought-provoking questions that you put out there. While I'm pondering those questions I also get the chance to be informed of current events.

What I love more than anything is that you are doing all of this with God as your primary focus.

Keep up the good work, and please don't get discouraged!

smallhomestead said...


Farmboy said...

Amen brother. Come out of her my people.

Bluesgal said...

As someone who is not Christian (Jewish)I'm accustomed to encountering the "christian perspective" in many places. I do not think you "preach" but rather inform and teach and relate how you apply your beliefs to your daily life.

Both religeons teach tolerance. I find it informative to understand the perspectives of others. We can agree to disagree on certain subjects and not lose sight of the bigger picture.

It is unfortunate that others choose to "cloak" themselves in their religeon to the extent of dimissing anything that anyone of a different view presents simply due to their beliefs even if the topic is not religeon. Rather close minded in my view.

So.. keep being true to who and what you are. Thier loss if they couldn't take the heat and got out of the kitchen. It's refreshing to find people who can stick to their beliefs and live by them. "walk the talk" so to speak. You can look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and know that you were true to yourself. Not many can.

OD from HT said...

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains it's original dimensions".

I do believer that there are many people out there that would rather circle the wagons and hide, then allow a new idea to cause a bit of growing pains as their mind expands.

Don't be discouraged, we need to hear your voice....even if some days it hurts.

Wintersong Farm said...

Truth is not always easy, convenient, or welcome, but it is always true.

wunderdarling said...

Ditto on ALL of the above.

Walking the walk, talking the talk.....not always easy to do.

I came to find you on HT and when you left was devastated. Luckily, you popped up again.

Your daily BI enlightens me to the many, many things I am unaware of.

Keep up the good work !!

Walt N Carol said...


I remember a couple years ago I sent you a PM on the forums. At that time, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your posts.

You know what? Even though I don't consider myself a "christian" I STILL enjoy reading your posts!

If anything, the ... dedication ... you display with regards to your beliefs has given me much to ponder lately!

You don't have to say it there. The one's who want to here it are HERE! We are here and we are listening. Keep up the good work!