Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Weird

I'm not the most well-grounded individual, but tonight was truly weird. Kat and Jared were outside with me while I was puttering around in the workshop and they suddenly start to exclaim about some lights in the sky. I go over to look and it's these weird orange lights somewhere over towards Lake Brownwood. They did all sorts of acrobatics in the sky, sometimes winking out and then coming back on in a different location. They did not seem to be planes. After a short bit we saw the lights (and heard the roar) of some fast-moving military jets coming from the direction of Abilene. The strange orange lights disappeared and then the jets grouped up in a formation and headed full tilt back out towards Abilene (and presumably the Air Force base out there).

This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I've seen some things in the sky that I couldn't explain before, but this was probably the strangest and longest duration event ever.

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taliesin75 said...

we had similar experience when we lived in MI. Selfrige AFB actually had a dept that dealt with sightings! Oftentimes the Detroit News would have reports in the paper. Have had several odd sightings down here in MO, too.