Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's New Executive Order

In my occasional browsing of the survival forum I used to frequent, I came across a lot of hubbub about a new executive order Obama has signed in which the government claims it has the authority to take your goods under certain circumstances. I'll share my opinion here.

You live under a tyrannical state. If you were born in America, you have lived your entire life under a tyrannical state. That it cloaks itself in patriotism and country-western singers profess how "free" we are makes no difference. We are as much prisoners and slaves of the state as a Russian peasant in the 1950's Soviet Union, or one of the miserable millions under North Korean rule.

The government has laid claim to your goods your entire life. They lay claim to a third or more of your labors in the form of taxes. They claim your property when you break any one of a hundred laws that they have imposed upon you, senseless as those laws may be. They back up these claims with force and deadly violence, the same as any bandit gang would.

So patriots, stop your chest-thumping. You look ridiculous. You haven't fought them for any of the past thousand usurpations and you're not going to fight them over Obama signing a piece of paper. You may claim that you'll fight them when they kick down your door, but if you won't also fight them when they kick down your NEIGHBOR'S door then you are just waiting for your own turn to die. The final last defense of your life and property does not make you a patriot.

For the free Christian out there, obey your conscience. Violence need not be your default position. If the government shows up and wants to confiscate your goods then you most likely picked the wrong place to live a long time ago. There are many "ungovernable" locations scattered around the nation and the minions of tyrants are not likely to seek out every nook and cranny and backroad simply to take a few cans of squash. If the tyrant still shows up at your door, greet him as a Christian should and let God's will be done. It may be that on that day the tyrant's minions are taught a bloody lesson about messing with God's people, as the Pharaoh's armies were taught. Or it may be that you join the vast crowd of martyrs underneath God's holy throne who ask the Lord how long it may be before vengeance is exacted in their name.

Your fate was decided when you embraced Christ and chose to follow Him instead of the world. He himself has told us that as they did unto Him they will also do to us. Make no mistake. A man living in a hollow log in the deepest wilderness who rejects tyrants and embraces the Lord is vested with a moral authority that will disturb the statist dreams of the men who claim power. They will seek you out to give you the martyr's choice: bow the knee or die. On that day, tell them that you cannot belong to them for your life was bought by another and is not yours to give, nor theirs to take.

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10kids said...

Well said!...and we're really enjoying your updates.