Monday, March 19, 2012

Sugar Addiction and Thunderstorms

I haven't had much energy to post lately. Not much energy to do anything at all. I've dragged my sorry hide out there to finish another raised bed and I had two more truckloads of mulch delivered to spread out for the Eden beds, but that's about it. The pig pen is constructed but not yet made secure. A determined (and heavy) pig could push her way to freedom. More wire is called for.

The lack of energy is because I'm on day 3 of a complete abstinence of sugar. Since coming down here we've been required by neccessity to shop more at stores, and that has led to my consumption of large amounts of junk food. Sugary soft drinks and particularly one evil known as a "Java Monster" has been robbing my budget and my strength. How can one expect to do God's will if one lets the body become corrupted by people and corporations whose only desire is to sicken and corrupt you while making large amounts of money?

The short answer: You can't.

Eat healthy food and cut your addictions NOW. I can't imagine having to deal with the lack of sugar and caffeine in a SHTF situation. I am absolutely dead on my feet from the time I rise until I fall exhausted into bed at night. And I'm barely working! What a hold I let those substances get on my body! I have resolved, though I may stumble, to purge these excesses from my diet. While the occasional piece of homemade apple cobbler may grace my lips, the soft drinks, candy bars, and especially the energy drinks shall not. These things are sent by Satan himself to rob you of your strength, health, and vitality. There can be no moderation as they are specifically designed to addict you. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can control it. Avoid the candy and soft drink aisles like you (hopefully) avoid harlots and drug dealers on the street, for the end result is the same ... the breaking of your ability to do God's will and the destruction of your health.

Ok, enough about sugar. There's been thunderstorms on the weather report for a week now but we've gotten not one drop. I completely restructured my water catchment system (which wasn't working) with one long and nearly-contiguous hose. I hope it works. If not, a minor modification should be all that's needed. And just in time too, because the entire sky is BLACK above me. It's howling wind and I can see rain being dumped between me and the distant hills, not more than 3 miles away. A few sprinkles are coming down as I type this! Praise God!

Now to run back to the house to avoid being soaked carrying my laptop.

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Patrice said...

I've been down that sugar & caffeine withdrawl road quite a few times before and I can say it is definitely NOT pretty. Hang in there, you'll be so happy once you are through it.