Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race War Brewing?

Looks like the media has been manipulating the facts in the Trayvon Martin shooting. Who would have guessed? Now the government is getting involved.

I'm glad, real glad, I live in a very rural area. None of this really impacts me at this point. There could be an all-out race war going on thanks to the professional pot-stirrers and it wouldn't really hurt me. The only black man in town is old Syl who runs a small engine repair shop out of his garage. I do believe his white neighbors would form a protective ring around Syl's house to keep him safe. And old Syl would just keep humming his gospels songs while he tinkered with his beloved engines.

Meanwhile, my pig is eating and sleeping. My garden is growing. The new pecan trees have put out some leaves and below ground are undoubtedly stretching out some deep roots. Things are going very good here at Possum Creek, all without the benefit of the government's help.

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Humble wife said...

Yes, it is a race war. Had George Zimmerman been George Gonzalez we would have never heard about this story. The media rushed to race bait and then were caught. So now we have white Hispanic(although maybe correct)uncommon in all aspects.