Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faith in Men

Yesterday the weather report called for rain all night and thunderstorms all day today. Nary a drop fell in the night and today it's just hot and muggy. I check the weather report now and it says today will be cloudy with the afternoon and night clear.

I think the weathermen are just guessing. This has an impact on me though because when I saw the forecast for rain I busted my hump all day long getting ready for it. I patched up some holes in my collection system, then built another raised bed to fill with mulch so the big storm could soak it thoroughly before I planted into it.

While God may or may not tell me specifically if it's going to rain, why do we put our faith in men? Almost all of a generation's "science" is proven wrong by the following generation. The government is incapable of taking care of us. Even the best of preachers and guides in this dark age of theology have some part of their doctrine that is proven wrong by scripture.

I am learning to put my faith in God, where it belongs.

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Xa Lynn said...

If it makes you feel any better, I had a real weatherman (I was touring the studio) tell me that everything after 36 hours was a complete WAG... which explains why they are so often wrong.

Xa Lynn