Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Times They Are A Changin'

The time recently changed and it left me pondering what its relationship is to us. My wife put the same question to me, asking "What is time to us other than numbers on a clock?"

Daylight Saving Time or DST was first proposed by Ben Franklin (that sick workaholic) and carried further into its modern implementation by a number of people independently. It is a creature of the industrial revolution and anti-agrarian in all of its forms.

At a certain point during the year, under the fixed time schedule, the majority of daylight hours fall in the morning instead of the evening. Most urbanites and factory workers do not get up any earlier than they must and so those morning hours are lost to retail and labor. By changing the time, the corporate industrial system then has more daylight at the end of the working shift for sports (the pacification of the adult mind), and shopping (the everpresent consumer lifestyle).

Part of freeing yourself from the grips of the consumer world is understanding how and why they do things and what's been done to you. Research DST and its first implementation by the Germans in WW1 and you'll get an eyeful.

Here at Possum Creek we pay little attention to the "time" as it only matters in the outside world. Without electricity, we rise at dawn and wind down and sleep at dark. This is a more natural cycle and in tune with the seasons as God intended.


Humble wife said...

Our schedules are based on the farm animals. Our animals wake and then begin the morning calls to awaken us. The rooster is not our alarm as he crows all the time, but the turkeys wake and gobble every morn just before sunrise...like clockwork!

Mamma Bear said...

I hate a love hate relationship with DST but in all honesty I wish the PTB would let it be. I will be taking the grandson to catch the bus in the dark. I don't leave my grandson alone but some folks leave their kids to catch the bus. I think it is dangerous for the kids on the side of the road in the dark.