Monday, March 12, 2012

Catching Back Up

Been awhile since I checked in with y'all. Things are good. We just about got flooded out by three straight days of rain. Over most of the property there was about 2" of standing water. I was beginning to think I'd bought the only swampland in this part of Texas! We also near froze to death in the cabin at nights. The north wind was howling really hard and we still don't have any tar paper or siding up on the cabin so it just whistles in through the cracks in the plywood. Brrr! The small wood stove we have can't keep up with that.

But the rain stopped and now the temperature is racing up from 35 degrees all the way to 85 today with lows in the 60's each night for the next week. Hallelujah! The water has ran off and we're drying out here. I'm spending the day cleaning up a little and planting some tomato plants. With all that's going on I've been behind on starting seeds this year so I'm jumpstarting by purchasing the plants. I got a great deal on a flat of starts for $12.50. That's less than a buck a plant! Two of the raised beds are going into tomato plants right now and I need to get some more raised beds built to accomodate more foodstuffs too.

Hope the day finds you well. I'm happy as a clam to just see the sunshine and hear the birds singing.

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