Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What the World Worries About

Glancing through a forum this morning, I can see what the world is worried about:

-Tungsten filled gold bars from China
-Giant debris "rafts" from Japan
-Foreclosure bubbles
-Economy recovering
-Economy not recovering
-Obama's private army

And so on and so forth.

I guess all these people must be much better homesteaders than I am to worry about such things. Here's my list of today's worries (and none of those top ones made the cut):

-Is it going to rain?
-Do I have enough nitrogen in my garden or is that why my tomato plants look spindly?
-How hot are my compost piles?
-Am I going to lose this fingernail that I smashed yesterday with a hammer?
-Where am I going to find the time to pick up some of this scrap lumber before my visitors arrive on Friday?

Maybe someday I'll become so proficient at homesteading that I too can worry about the earth expanding, giant EMP waves from the sun, or radioactive Japanese tsunami debris. But for now I'll just focus on these tomato plants.

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