Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Friend is Coming

If a friend arrived unexpected it would take you time to prepare. You would have to put on your shoes, maybe change clothes, and prepare them some food. You didn't know they were coming and so it took you time to prepare.

In the life of the prayerful Christian, Jesus is always coming. Every day. His spirit fills the room where the saint prays unceasingly. The prayerful Christian is not surprised by His arrival and presence and needs no time to prepare. The prayerful Christian is immediately ready to receive instruction.


Xa Lynn said...

It's a good thing for me He didn't come on Monday. Me and my attitude were completely unprepared to receive him. Thanks for the post, Ernest. I needed to read that.

Xa Lynn

Ernest said...

Most days I'm unprepared. I would leave God waiting in the "lobby" of my mind while I attend to more earthly matters. It's something I struggle with.

If you ever see anything that you are able to draw inspiration from in this blog then know it's something that at that particular moment I am struggling with as well. I do not hardly ever have occasion to post about concepts I have already wrestled down into submisison.

Farmboy said...

Abraham wasn't exactly prepared either. (Gen 18) He had to have Sari make some bread, have his staff kill and then cook the calf, then serve the meal. It took some time to entertain these guys. To his credit, he ran to meet the emissaries, bowed and asked them to stay. The bottom line, his heart was right.