Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Night Vigil - Fight On!

The soldier who has not yet tasted his own blood or heard his own cries of agony may look forward to the battle. He may yet boast of the glory he will attain in vanquishing his foe. Yet under the horror of the bombardment or the terror of the trenches he will yet find that reserve of courage rapidly depleted, so lost to him that he will wonder that he ever had it at all.

We are all Christian soldiers in the trenches. A great war is being fought in your hearts and souls right now. Satan whispers in our ears to turn us aside from the path. Take heart! If you are awake at this late hour then know you are not alone. The enemy and his minions labor long into the night to turn your heart or at least weaken your resolve. Why have they singled you out? Why are you the chosen to be tormented at this particular time?

Perhaps the enemy senses in you the potential that you cannot see yourself. The enemy has seen many a Gideon, or Elijah, or Moses in his day and may recognize some of those aspects in you. If in knowing that someday a hero might be raised who would do great works against him, would any earthly general not bend all of his will towards thwarting his foe?

If you feel the weight of temptation, past sins, or a thousand demons pressing down on you tonight then speak the name of Jesus and watch them flee. God calls you to prayer. The war is not lost and your strength has yet to be measured. You have an endless reserve to draw upon in Jesus. It is there and waiting for you but to ask.