Friday, April 20, 2012

Slow Rain

There's a gentle rain falling today. I've gotten the morning chores taken care of and now I'm laying down on the bed in the loft, listening to the rain pitter patter against the steel roof. Every drop is draining off into the collection tank for later use. We've got enough power left in the batteries right now to run a light on the chickens and to keep my wife's laptop going so the kids can watch a movie or two today. There's nothing much else we can do.

It seems all things today are being attended to by God. We're collecting rainwater (we were getting low too), the garden is being watered, if the rain lasts long enough the creek may refill, and after I finish some cocoa here shortly I'm considering taking a nice long nap to make up for the sleep I've lost this past week.

Life is good. Praise God!

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