Monday, April 9, 2012

Who Owns Your Birthright?

In Genesis 25 we are shown the tale of Jacob and Esau. This is a story that I've struggled with from time to time and always disregarded, mostly because I didn't understand it. However the Lord has granted me a little bit of understanding on this tonight and I wanted to share it with you.

Jacob was a man of pastoral concerns and Esau was a hunter and master of the open country. One day Esau returned from an apparently unsuccessful hunt and was hungry. He approached Jacob who was cooking a stew and asked for some. Jacob, who from my reading comes across as a bit of a jerk to his older brother, told him that in order to get some stew he had to give up his birthright.

Now if you want to know more you can read Genesis 25:27-34, but I would like to discuss a point here.

Did Esau truly believe he had a birthright? Perhaps he did not and this was why he played along with Jacob and did truly end up losing it.

Is this the lesson? Do we have a birthright that we truly don't believe in? Have we sold it without realizing it? Did we falsely believe our birthright is completely secure and can never be taken away from us?

Is the world trying to buy your birthright each and every day? Will you be like Esau and sell it for the temporary pleasures of the flesh?

I think in the story of Jacob and Esau there are probably MANY lessons, as in all of the rest of the bible, but this is the one I'm pondering tonight.

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