Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stray Dogs

This morning I was awakened at 6am by my wife who pointed out there was a strange dog on the property. I asked how in the heck she knew and she said she could hear it barking up close. My ear is not tuned to such things at 6am, apparently.

Sure enough, when I went outside I saw two strange dogs who were barking in response to my own dog. Both strays were sniffing around the chicken coop in an apparent attempt to get inside.

They took off as soon as I got off the porch and came around to where I could shoot them and it was too dark to attempt a long-range shot. One was a big white dog and the other a big black one.

The white one has been here before and never caused trouble on his own. He just likes to wander about the countryside. I see him on other people's porches up and down the road occasionally, playing with their dogs. I've shot over his head on multiple occasions to scare him away but it looks like he's determined to return and this time he brought a troublemaker friend.

This is an agricultural area. Most people up and down this road have chickens, cows, or horses. Why do others insist on letting their dogs run free? It's just going to have a bad ending.

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