Monday, May 28, 2012

Drip Irrigation Almost Done

4 of the 7 beds are complete and the process is now refined. I'm just out of pipe. :)

To call it drip irrigation isn't exactly accurate. I drilled holes in the pipe so water bubbles out at every plant interval. This helps us to give more water to the plants and also to put it directly down into the root system where it can be better absorbed. There are about 19-20 plants in each bed and the container holds 5 gallons. Probably every 2 days I'll give 10 gallons to each bed.

I've got some squash plants that are right on the edge of being pulled up and replaced. The lack of water just meant they never really kicked off. I'll water them heavily this week and see if that doesn't rejuv them. If not, I'll yank them up and plant something else. It's still plenty early enough to do so.

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