Monday, May 28, 2012

Farm Animals - Kittens

Be wary of neighbors with kittens. Particularly if you cannot resist small cuddly fluffballs.

I do not particularly like cats, nor do I particularly mind cats. I simply find them to be a useful farm animal if treated properly. Mice and rats are the bane of your existence on a farm as they'll overrun your granary with ease. I do not like mice and rats and I REALLY do not like the snakes they attract, so cats are a good solution. They are inexpensive to raise up and once raised, can hunt for themselves. Coyotes can be a problem for roaming cats but up near the house it isn't an issue. They have plenty of places to hide, climb, or avoid other predators.

As you can guess, I ended up with a new cat today. She's a tiny grayish mouser who makes a lot of noise. For now she's hiding up under the stair landing and making friends with our adult cat. The kids are undecided on a name but I've taken to calling her "Miss Dingle". Mostly because it's a silly name and it annoys all the rest of the family, who wants to call her "Artemis" or some other overly-noble name for an animal who licks its own butt clean. This is what happens when you have classically-educated children.

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