Sunday, July 1, 2012

All is Right

There's a gentle rain falling now. I don't remember the last time we had a gentle rain. Normally rains out here are accompanied by thunder and lightning, high winds, and occasionally hail. The sun is still shining but yet it's raining hard enough to collect off the roof. What a blessing!

The new dog (whose name is "Fang Grip Snarl") is sleeping up under the porch. A day of rest, water, and food (as well as near continual petting) has rendered him a blissful happy puppy. He explored his new home earlier and gets scolded regularly for trying to eat shoes left on the back porch.

Momma Hen has lost one of her chicks and is down to 3. Not sure what happened to it but I found it dead in the roosting area she has chosen, an apparent victim of being sat on and smothered. The rest are doing well and as the rain falls, they're all huddled underneath an oak in some sandstone rocks. I guess some losses are to be expected. She is learning how to be a mother, after all, and if I'd penned her up then she still might have inadvertently squished her baby. So the process continues.

A very restful Sabbath today. Dinner is almost finished (hamburger meat, refried beans, and about 5 pounds of cheese apparently) and smells great. A welcome break from the cantaloupe we've been eating lately. I like cantaloupe, but my garden is really overproducing them this year and we're having trouble keeping up. The pig is enjoying the excess (and chicken-pecked) melons that he gets and he looks like he's putting on some weight.

Life continues. All is right under the sky here at Possum Creek.

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