Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frog Pond

As Sam and Fang run along the edge of the pond,  frogs leap for safety into the cooling water. The small green lives are ignored by the dogs whose only interest is in their rowdy play. Eventually the dogs will find the water and return to leap on me with muddy paws.

The frogs in the water surface to glare back at the interlopers. Their small heads dot the pond in the last rays of the evening sun. Soon the pond will belong only to the vast clouds of mosquitoes, who would find any warm blooded spectator to be a Godsent boon beyond imagining.

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joseph said...

There some small fish that you can put in your pond that stay around small Minnow size that will eat the skeeter larvae etc and it will cut way down on breeding of skeeters in your pond.