Sunday, July 29, 2012

Proper Pentas

Some of the Pentas look a little wilty but most are doing fine. The bees ignore them so far. The flowers cost little and require no work. This time of the year they fill the spaces where vegetables died. They provide us with beauty and that pays their rent.

The coons are enjoying the prickly pear we did not harvest. We took our fill and left the rest. Seed-studded crap piles can be found scattered about. The cactus and its plans for world domination are evidently served by these nocturnal beasts.

The pond can now be walked across, with the water deeper than my head only in about an eight foot gap in the center. No rain in the forecast. Still we hold on. Plenty left for our needs and the garden.

The heat now is brutal. We have about two more weeks to endure it until the summer begins to wind down. A daily swim makes it easier.

Life here is good. This place feeds the soul in ways I've never known.

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joseph said...

Ernie what part of Texas are you in? I'm in Alabama about sixty miles north of Birmingham and we don't get any real relief (below 90 til late September. I had assumed west Texas stays warmer longer than here?