Sunday, December 30, 2012

Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

According to Drudge, they've still not got a deal and we're heading into the last day before the fiscal cliff is reached.

Personally, I think it's a bunch of hooey. The fiscal cliff is simply a rollback of a series of tax cuts and spending measures which will take us back to Bill Clinton's day. The thought that it will be catastrophic to go back to government spending 2 decades ago is sobering. It means that in my adulthood, government has grown that much.

Anyway, whether it's a big deal or not, whether it's real or not, whether they reach an accord or not ... we ought to be prepared.

Tomorrow morning's checklist:

Fill up all vehicle tanks and gas cans with gasoline
Fill all three propane tanks
Pick up some diesel for the backhoe
Hit the bank and withdraw a couple of hundred dollars to have on hand

These are my short term "something might go bad" preps. For the long term I already have plenty of food and ammunition on hand. We're also fully wired up on solar so any collapse of "the grid" won't impact me.

Do I think something bad is going to happen? Probably not, but people are shortsighted, fearful, and easily led. Panic buying in my area, or bank runs, or any of the other potential problems could happen. I make sure I've got that short list covered whenever there's anything weird or out of the ordinary.

It's just good practice.

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