Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Thoughts on the School Shooting

The situation in New Town is a tragedy wrapped in a tragedy and covered with tragedy sauce. I'm not meaning to make light of it in any way, but there's a lot of issues there to be unraveled later when emotions aren't so high.

What I want to address is the calls for increased gun control and confiscation of firearms.

We can't allow it. Period. The 2nd Amendment is the clause which guarantees an upper limit of what tyranny that we the people will accept from the government. We may let them grope us at airports, stop us and ask for ID on the street, or even tax our income heavily but there are still lines in the sand which we will not allow the government to cross. Lines that are individual in nature but also in the greater community.

I've said this before and it's a good time to mention it again. People in government are flat out evil. The only thing that keeps them from kicking in your door, killing you, and then harvesting the organs of your children is the fear that an armed population will rise up against them.

When we've surrendered the last weapon in the hands of a patriot, we will be squawking like an old rooster when the farmer comes with his axe, and be just as helpless.

Stalin killed an estimated 20 million people in his own country after he disarmed them. This happened over the course of about 20 years. About a million a year. My deepest apologies to the parents of the slain, but if 30 children a year was the price of living in a free country (it's not, but that's the liberal argument) where the government can't murder a million dissenters per year then I think it's a fair exchange.

It's the government leading the charge for citizen disarmament, so I propose a deal. We, the citizens, will consider disarming only after the government disarms. When every politician and elected official gives up his/her ARMED security detail, the standing military is abolished and disarmed, and every single law enforcement officer surrenders his/her weapon THEN the government can come to us and ask that we disarm as well.

And to all of the politicians out there:

Signing your name on any bill or legislation that bans or confiscates weapons is going to be considered an act of war against the citizens.