Monday, December 17, 2012

Weird Cat

Today a kitten showed up under our porch. A Japanese bobtail, based on the internet search. I don't need a new cat, but he apparently needs a new owner. How many cats does it take before you qualify as a crazy cat person?


K said...


OD from HT said...

Depends....inside or outside cats? Do you snuggle them to your face and make unintelligible sounds at them? Do they serve a purpose....keep down the mice, chipmunks, etc? Do you sit for hours petting them, checking them for fleas, or have conversations with them instead of your family?

You can have 50 cats and not be a crazy cat person if you just pour out a 50# sack of food every week and walk away. Or you can be a crazy cat person with only one cat that is dolled up like a baby doll, is fed better then you kids, and knows more about your life then your wife does.

So, you decided.