Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quoting my wife on Homeschooling

Paraphrasing here, because this was in the middle of a long anti-government rant:

A free person can never develop from an enslaved mind.

She's explaining that if you send your child to public school you are essentially dooming them to a life of slavery to the state and the corporations.

I don't entirely agree with her. Both her and I are public school educated and we have developed the freedom mindset, even if we still struggle with the shackles of the system. But we are both stubborn throwbacks and dead-enders.

EDIT: My wife says I misunderstood her and I should rectify the situation immediately or I don't get any of the delicious beans and ham that have been simmering on the woodstove all day.

She says that free people don't come from enslaved children. She means that you have to free yourself intellectually first and then your life second.

She's right about that. It took us 20 years to get to that position, and we did it in fits and starts. Yet look at my oldest son Jared. He's 16 now and as far as being liberty-minded, he's in the same place now as we are at 40.

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