Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frost Morning

Temperature plunged down to 27 degrees in the night unexpectedly. Weather said no lower than 35, so I was a bit surprised.

This morning the household woke, as usual, at dawn and began putting arround. My wife always seems to wake up first and on cold mornings will load up the woodstove to get a good fire going. Young River Lily toddles along behind, "helping" Momma as breakfast is prepared.

The sounds and daylight and smells will wake up the rest of the household one by one and for the next hour after sunrise the steps ring with the sound of little feet as everyone troops down individually to join the rest.

As I drink my morning cocoa and stand in front of the warm stove, I can look out the front windows and see that a heavy layer of frost has been deposited across the farm. It doesn't encourage me to hurry outside. In the garden we have some plants growing, and I hope they have survived the frost. Swiss chard and broccoli are very hardy, but 27 degrees is 27 degrees. We shall have to see soon.

It's supposed to warm up quickly today and I'm looking forward to it. I have high hopes for the day.

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