Monday, June 24, 2013

New Shop Photos

I've decided to try and stop looking like some sort of businessman with the whole knife shop thing and just be myself. If Duck Dynasty can do it, so can I, right?

So my wife took some new photos of me in the workshop as I normally am. Here they is, fer yer perusal. :)


ladyhawthorne said...

Haha, that last one is priceless!

Gorges Smythe said...

If THOSE pictures don't bring you some business, I don't know what will!

zoom said...

Looks like a working man to me. No need to pretend to be anything but yourself. On another note. I sure would like more information on your take of building your earth bag shop. You didn't give much info on it while building it. How stable in high wind do you feel it is? How is the roof anchored to it?
just some of the questions I have.

BTW. I am scared to go without boots in south texas due to thorns, grass burrs and copper heads.

Ernest said...

Ah, the earth bag shop!

It was very laborious and it's poorly done. There's not enough moisture inside the bags, so sand just sort of spills out. It has never set into that adobe it was supposed to. Eventually it will crumble down around me and I'll put posts in to hold up the roof. Probably 3-4 years, if I'm lucky.

It's very stable in high wind though. The wind can be shrieking and it won't budge. You can shove it as hard as you can and the walls don't sway or anything.

The roof is anchored on by driving pieces of rebar through the bags and about halfway down into the walls. It holds ok. The roof doesn't bounce or anything and the wind has never lifted up so much as a corner. But it's an almost flat roof so there's little to grab for the wind.

Heh. There are pathways where we've walked down most of the grass and thorns. I can freely wear sandals there. In the workshop it is soft sand (and cool) so I go barefoot there a lot, unless I'm doing something that might remove a toe. :)

Haven't seen a copperhead out here. The rattlesnakes may keep them all away. :)

Red Hen said...

The pics are great! Be who you are. I think the look actually recommends credibility to your message and your knifeworks.