Friday, June 28, 2013

Possum Creek Radio Show - Episode 3 is live!

And we're up! Whew. I'm exhausted. Time to take the rest of the day off. :)

Technical glitches and other events transpired to try and keep me off the air this week, but with the grace of God we have overcame! Now I'm going to go overcome me a cold beverage and see if I can't sweet-talk some of these rain clouds off in the distance to come stay awhile.

Enjoy the show!

Oh, also ... I'm working on converting them to MP3 and putting them up for download, but I need some sort of location to store them. Not sure what's best. Ideas?


ladyhawthorne said...

Sorry Ernie, but it tells me it is private!

Margie said...

Set to "private", which doesn't work for me, takes forever to load on your blog...bummer!

Margie said...

Set to SO private you can't even watch it on your blog! What the heck Ernie!

quest586 said... is a good place to host files for free without having to sign up for anything. Only thing is, they delete the file if it hasn't been downloaded for 30 days.