Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Randomness of the Universe

I had to run into Chicago today ... no greater hive of scum and villainy. I had an interesting exchange with the doorman of a hotel today while I stood waiting for the valet to retrieve my car. He was from some Ivory Coast type country.

Doorman: "It's hot today but soon will be cold!"

Me: "Yeah. Have fun with that. I'm moving home to TEXAS. It's warm there in the winter."

Doorman: "Oh? I would like to move someplace warm again but I need a job when I get out of school."

Me: "Move to Texas. It's warm and lots of jobs."

Doorman: "I keep hearing that. How come Texas has all the jobs?"

Me: "Good place for business. No state income tax."

Doorman: "How do they fund all the roads and stuff?"

Me: "I guess from sales taxes. And ironically, food and gas and such is still cheaper down there than here."

Doorman (getting angry): "I hate Chicago! They so corrupt. All tax and no jobs. If I wanted to be robbed by corrupt governments I would have stayed home in Africa."

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Gene said...

People like this are why we need to open our borders! Let em get a sponsor willing to stand surety for them, make them post a bond of enough to send them home, and open our arms to true americans! Our forefathers came here under great hardship and sacrifice because this is the land of opportunity. Most americans today stay here because it's the land of handouts. If we can't get hardworking people to step up from within, lets import some and swing the pendulum back towards sanity!