Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barnhardt Throws in the Towel

You can read about it on her website, but this is probably the biggest warning sign you're going to get in the financial collapse of Western civilization.

If you have stock, I suggest dumping it. Money in savings? Buy something useful with it. Mutual funds? 401k? Better do what you can to get it out.

The system is collapsing and the crooked thieves are fighting each other over who gets to steal your money. And the government is standing right there with their hand out ... so the thieves can deposit campaign contributions.

This won't stop until there's nothing left to steal.


Allen W said...

She has always struck me as a straight shooter.

InvalidID said...

The big guys are cannibalizing themselves. That means we little folks don't have enough of our money in the game... Won't be too much longer now.

I hope it holds until Feb or so.