Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18 Bunker Index - The Slavers are Coming

We are living entirely without rule of law. Oh, there's plenty of laws, but the government (and by proxy, anyone who gives enough money to the government) doesn't have to follow them.

The illegal president occupying the White House has spread his contempt for the law out through every federal agency. It has reached down into the street where useful idiots serve as his brownshirts. The average cop who pulls you over for speeding thinks he has the right to do anything from search your vehicle to kill you.

I keep dwelling on Barnhardt's "going Galt" situation. Is that not the only option for each of us? But when we do, what happens to us? The government might let you, and me, and Forerunner out of the system, but they're not going to let millions of people out of the system. They'll fight to hold on to what they've got, built on the backs of millions of slaves right here in this day and age.

Get as far from the government's plantation as you can. The crash is coming and they're going to pull back in as many people as they can. Their first priority is themselves and they'll enslave you to keep themselves in the life of luxury they've become accustomed to. It's happening right now.

1. Two cops are "injured" in New York in clashes with OWS. One had his thumb cut open and the other had something splashed into his eyes. Escalation. The cops will respond to even a minor injury as if they'd killed one of their own.

2. Pray for the dead Christians in Pakistan. Muslim gunmen ambushed them and shot them dead, apparently with the complicity of the government and police. In many parts of the world, Muslims get a free pass to kill a Christian. We may be glimpsing our future in the United States as well.

3. In December it looks like the entire city of Detroit will be bankrupt. This could be the largest municipal failure ever. I wouldn't want to be living anywhere within 2 hours of there.

4.  Protestors in Greece are going crazy.

5. Even the Italians are getting in on the protests.

6. Local residents in Sacremento are upset after copper thieves cut out their street lights. Better get used to that sort of thing. As the republic's economic freefall continues, law enforcement becomes less effective, and metals become more scarce ... you're going to see everything with any value at all stolen from right in front of you.

7. Supposedly there is a deadly new strain of flu which could spread to England in 24 hours. Appears to be mostly theoretical, but something for someone of our mindset to consider anyway.

8. It appears that all of the major info in the Gunwalker case where the border patrol agent was killed ... has gone missing. Hrm.

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