Thursday, November 17, 2011

Use a Wood Burning Stove in Your Off-Grid Home?

The EPA has their eye on you.  They are making a push to eliminate certain types of older woodstoves from the market and ultimately may end up outlawing many of the woodstoves altogether, making you a criminal in your own home if you use a "non-sanctioned" model.

This is exactly the sort of draconian control we are against. Many of us have reduced our dependence upon the grid and the government doesn't like it one bit. So what are they doing? They're going to make many of our choices illegal.

Is it time yet?

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Allen W said...

Economic recovery, forcing people to buy a replacement stove that they can't afford.

The idiots that make up these rules don't have a clue what the hell goes on in the real world. The EPA is a rouge government agency out of control.