Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23 Bunker Index - Distant Drums

The pot is still boiling. The blue helmeted UN thugs are getting ready to roll across America to defend us from the government's jackbooted thugs. I'm thinking we're going to be in a target rich environment.

I spent a little time yesterday with a friend of mine and I'm reminded that there are still a few Americans out there willing to be free. I'm curious though ... while we have the will, do we have the skill? We're not a nation of woodsman and indian-fighters like we were in 1776. We don't know what percentage of the military would come over to our side, or how long they would last. The American military is terrible at fighting insurgents but it's pretty good at demolishing professional militaries. Any stand up fight with Leviathan we are certain to lose.

Is this just theory? Could be, but watching the news, I'm seeing that there's a pretty huge divide. Things are pretty ugly out there. I think as a nation we're looking at probably the biggest level of unrest and divide since about 1861. Only this time it's not some argument against the individual rights of states to decide their own future, but an argument between the looters and the producers over who has the right to retain possession of what wealth is left. Like the hyena and the vulture fighting over the rotting carcass.

When the show trial of an investigation by the UN is completed, any guesses as to what the components of the military force they send to enforce their decisions will look like? I suspect they will be overwhelmingly Chinese in origin. There's an investment to protect.

1. If they can't get at us, the Islamic militants will find ways to kill each other. In Pakistan, the Taliban attacked a school for girls. Girls learning is apparently against the teachings of Islam. Yet the liberals still continue to tell us we should be tolerant of this demon-inspired religion.

2. The Occupy DC organizers believe that a police raid of their encampment is to occur within the next 48 hours so they warned the occupiers to get rid of the drugs first. Good advice, if you're going to get raided.

3. The United Nations is now looking into human rights violations here in America and is launching an investigation, particularly after the events I reported on that happened at UC Davis. The question is, though we shouldn't allow the police to get away with this behavior, we can't allow our sovereignty to be undermined by the United Nations.

4. Obama tells the Occupy movement "You are the reason I ran for office." This was in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state. Clearly their motto is not based in reality, else a local sheriff would have taken Obama into custody for the crime of treason.

5. Herman Cain played the race card and claimed as a descendant of slaves he can bring in the black vote against Obama. Unfortunately, a poll proved him absolutely wrong. In the poll, Obama got 93% of the African American vote and Cain got 6%. It appears that black Americans prefer a dark-skinned black of Middle Eastern descent who gives them free stuff over a black man descended from slaves who says they ought to work for their living.

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