Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10 Bunker Index - Where the Rhetoric Meets the Road

There's a few things you should keep in mind when reading this blog.

I am someone who has looked at the best the world has to offer and found it wanting. I found it unworthy of the life of a Christian and have turned my back on it and began walking. I am not yet out of earshot of it nor am I over the horizon, but I have put my shoulder to the cart and we are going.

In essence, I have bet my life and that of my family that I'm right. My wife is right alongside me in this. So when I tell you that God's judgement on this world will be born of fire and privation, it's not just meaningless rhetoric. It's something I expect to happen as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. I'm not a prophet and I don't claim to know the date or whether this is simply yet another judgement God will place on a nation, or if this will indeed be the final judgement when Christ returns to us. However I do know that people, nations, and civilizations which reject God and put themselves outside of His laws often find to their horror that they were subject to them all along.

I'm all in. I have gone double down on this belief. So when I tell you about what I believe is coming and what I think you should do about it, this is the position from which I am standing.

This week I have been called crazy, dangerous, and an idiot. That's fine. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am right. I would urge my detractors to check their own belief system and see if they can say the exact same thing. And if you're listening to them, I ask you this: Will you bet your life that I'm wrong?

1. Do you think that possibly you should be worried when some of our country's greatest sworn enemies start directly addressing the OWS movement?

2. Watch Rick Perry's campaign actually implode. Putting this idiot up against Ron Paul is like putting a third-grader up against Mike Tyson. He did everything but curl up into a ball and scream "Not the face!" It would be pretty damn funny to watch such hubris disintegrate until you stop and remember that this man IS the governor of Texas. SOMEONE thought he was smart enough to govern and they let him do it.

3. Chris Rock is both simultaneously massively misguided and yet insightful. He points out that Obama has been held back in his first term due to the fact that he still had to be elected for the second term. He had to save his most aggressive (disastrous) policies for round 2 when he wasn't facing reelection. In other words ... all you've seen from Obama so far ... you ain't seen nothing yet.

4. The Occupy movement's coming Waterloo. When you stop occupying public spaces and parks where the owners have received FEDERAL GRANTS in order to let you stay, and you start stealing public property ... now you're going to see much of America turn from finding you amusing and a minor nuisance to suddenly demanding that the police beat in your heads with truncheons. We libertarians and conservatives tolerate the police for pretty much one and only one reason ... they limit the number of dirtbags out there who are trying to steal our stuff.

5. The Federal leviathan accidentally dropped its pants yesterday with the test of the emergency network. Is this really the leviathan patriots are afraid of? Before getting this one right though, they're already announcing plans to do the same to phones and the internet.

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Sawmill Jim said...

Sorry Ernie i'll bet my Granny's old grey goat you are right .

I think they have been given over to a retrobate mind .