Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9 Bunker Index - The Call

I could have found 30 entries worth of "Occupy" stories today but I mercifully decided to stop at only a handful. Yeesh. The wheels have really come off of this one. I think most of the "moderates" that people reported seeing on forums and such have come and gone and what you're seeing now is the true heart of the movement ... a hardcore group of socialists who fundamentally hate America and want to destroy everything. That's what the movement will be built upon in the spring. Is that the foundation you wish to start a New America on?

Life is progressing as normal, I believe. I haven't heard otherwise. Winter is coming on full steam and I'm still delayed up in Illinois. We're ready to move, but we're waiting on some last legal details to be worked out with the title company. It's very frustrating.

In the end, however, this is an enormous blessing from God. I have essentially "won the game", accumulating enough material resources to begin this debt-free. Whatever else happens, if you have land, food, and water then you're better prepared than most to weather the storms life may bring. Are you hearing God's call to move you in a specific direction? Now is the time to answer.

1. Another man found dead at an Occupy protest in New Orleans. What's killing these people? Besides the drugs, violence, and rapes, that is.

2. Today is the big day! At 2pm EST the government seizes control of all radio and television for a few minutes. Napolitano, in a rare departure, told people to NOT be afraid. As someone on a forum I read stated: "It's not a test ... if it was a test it would be done at 2am. At 2pm it's a demonstration of power."

3.  Taxing Christmas trees? Really, Obama? C'mon. A new tax on all Christmas trees sold ($0.15 per tree) is aimed at improving the marketing and sales of Christmas trees. What a ridiculous notion.

4. Someone allegedly tied to the "Occupy Portland" set off a Molotov cocktail outside the WTC. Police indicated they have evidence that more Occupiers are making incendiary bombs inside the encampment.

5. Another journalist was given a death threat after he filmed some of the internal fights going on at Occupy Portland. This is starting to get a lot uglier.

6. Occupy Oakland: "We're against banks, except when it's OUR money!" Where did they get $20,000?

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