Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1 Bunker Index - Got Their Eye on You

We're wrapping things up with our week now. Interesting news stories today. It looks like the government has about all of its ducks in a row now and soon, resistance will be impossible. When they've got drone surveillance and kill authority, a million man domestic "police force" in DHS running checkpoints on the roads, and all local law enforcement running under their control ... how exactly do you think any resistance against their future plans will go?

Folks, we're reaching the end game. I wonder how Texas will fare. Our move is back on schedule. We should close on the land deal this coming Monday (God willing) and we'll be in Texas soon after that. We're leveraging some financial assets to shortcut the work involved and to make it a little more pleasant transition. By pleasant I mean we'll be living in a RV and a small cabin as opposed to digging a burrow and living like a family of coyotes. This will give us time to build the bigger Earthbag home as we please.

I'll feel better when this is done. I keep expecting the banks to collapse or the grid to fall apart the week before we manage to escape the totalitarian state of Illinois.

1. After elections, Muslim extremist groups now control 65% of the Egyptian parliament. The Arab Spring has failed. Look to our own situation. If the Occupy movement were to displace our current form of government, what would we end up with? Not a freedom-oriented one, I'm sure.

2. An interesting development ... more than 100 Occupiers protested OBAMA outside of a New York fundraiser. This one is somewhat unusual. For the most part the Occupy movement has ignored Obama's criminality, but this group called him a corporate puppet and called him out for war crimes.

3. A former Israeli official suggested that perhaps the "accidents" at two Iranian nuclear sites weren't accidents at all but "the hand of God". With a little help from Mossad, I'm betting.

4. America has one foot in the grave already, but Obama says he needs one more term to finish the job. Where would we be in 4 more years of this? 4 more years in which Obama doesn't need to hold back because he won't be running for reelection?

5. An interesting article on the future of Drone warfare. Now consider the application of this in the United States against any resistance.

6. This article describes the recent National Defense Authorization Act as the "most dangerous bill since the Patriot Act." I'm not at all comfortable after reading that article.


Bluesgal said...

The bad news is McCain is from AZ, the good news is... I know where his office is. Going to dedicate today to marshalling my friends so that we can all let him know that we think that bill is more dangerous than salt in food.

Sonshine said...

I'm glad to see the OWS finally going after the political machine.