Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1 Bunker Index - Brought to you by solar!

This is my first Bunker Index post where the electricity has been provided in a true off-grid fashion. I'm pretty pleased. For the past 6 weeks the power has been provided via generator, but today we've accumulated enough power in the batteries via solar to do the update. It's cloudy outside, so hopefully the power used can be replenished in time to run a light bulb tonight. Praise God, but it's great to be able to make use of the blessings He sends us.

We're projected for rain this weekend and I still don't have the rainwater collection system up and going. I guess it will have to take a back burner to finishing the woodstove installation. We have water we can truck over to the cabin but we can't truck heat. Priorities must be established.

One of our favorite pastimes is astronomy. I like to sit outside on a clear evening and see how many stars I can name. It's a wondrous universe that God has created and I deeply enjoy looking at it. This is an off-grid pastime that isn't dependent upon anything outside. Better than television!

1. In New York, a group of nine people swarmed a small grocery store and made off with $38k in merchandise.  These attacks have become very profitable, it seems. Look for more of it in the future. At least until store owners arm themselves and start blowing away these thugs in the aisles.

2. An intelligence report released states that Iran is willing to launch terror attacks on US soil in response to military action against them. This is clearly some level of propaganda. Is it a terror attack if a nation state responds with violence to violence done against it? Americans have grown very comfortable with long range warfare done on their behalf. Can we stomach retaliatory attacks in our homeland? And while Iran might have the will, do they actually have the capability?

3. This article discusses the possibility of 5 major US banks declaring a default. Essentially it states that the banks are already in default but because they are still borrowing money from the Fed and aren't declaring it a default, it isn't really one. Hrm.

4. 23 boys and girls aged 6-10 were molested by their classroom teacher. Why, oh why, do parents still think they should entrust their children to these criminals and perverts?

5. Ron Paul has called for criminal charges against Eric Holder (and possibly more!) for their false flag operation "Fast and Furious". I'll go a step further and say that Eric Holder and any others found guilty of participating in this should be hanged for treason. We don't see enough hangings for treason anymore, which is probably why we're in the shape we're in.


Farmboy said...

Sun Tsu would agree. Swift capital punishment for treason is quite effective. Shalom.

Patrice said...

Congrats on getting the solar system set up and running. I hope you can get the rain collection system set up before to long.

HermitJim said...

The very amount of crime, thinly disguised of course, that is active in certain branches of the fedgov is amazing!

Guess they have no fear of ever being held accountable! Probably right!

Good deal on getting the solar up and running!

Dyson said...

Hope you will add plenty of details on your solar setup. I went all in on 7+acres and I do not intend to run the gird into it. Looking forward to details...